Monday, 5 August 2013

Why Jailbreak Your iPhone 4s

If you have bought your latest iPhone 4s, then you must love the many features you can do with your phone. You might have started downloading applications or downloading songs and even eBooks into your iPhone 4s. Also, you might just be messaging your friends or simply watching videos. There are just a lot of things you can do with your iPhone 4s. But as you have been visiting various websites, you just can’t ignore that fact that you have been reading about the word “jailbreak”. You have seen the term and have started wondering what it really means. Jailbreaking actually means that you would remove the limitations on your device, or the limitations being imposed by the operating system of Apple products. And there are a lot more reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone 4s.

Download or install software that aren’t available on the iStore

Part of the restriction that Apple gadgets have is that you can’t just download software outside the iStore. The applications present in the iStore are a lot, but you just can’t find all the software you wish to find in the iStore. But by jailbreaking your iPhone 4s, you can easily download and install software that isn’t present on the iStore. There is a lot of great software that isn’t available on the iPhone. Games, programs and a lot of applications that aren’t available on the store, but they are compatible for the iPhone. You can’t easily place software that you just downloaded from a different source into your iPhone. But when you jailbreak your iPhone 4s, you can easily install different software that aren’t easily available on the iStore.

Add and copy music to and from your computer easily
Another feature that is prohibited or limited on Apple products is the transfer of songs to and from your computer. A lot of songs aren’t easily available on iTunes. But the great reason why you should jailbreak iphone 4s is that when you wish to get a song that is only available on your iPhone or if you wish to sync to another computer, you can’t do it without jailbreaking your iPhone. Syncing to another computer is such a pain to all Apple gadgets and jailbreaking is the best solution to this problem.

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