Tuesday, 20 November 2012

People to Try Out iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Solutions and Rollbacks

Reception for the non-jailbrokeniOS 6 has been largely negative due to the fact that nothing new has been brought to the table with the update and it is instead in fact an update that further limits a device instead of improves it, which is why so many people are eager to get ios6.1 jailbreak solutionsand rollbacks to previous iterations of the iOS. In fairness to those who are less tech-oriented, they may enjoy the iOS 6.1's improvements on software features, Passbook, Siri, panorama, and Facebook integration. Also, Apple is working to fix the flawed Maps app so that it could be a worthy successor to Google Maps.

The Reason Why People Want to Jailbreak Their iOS 6.1

·         Unleashing Limits without Downgrading: The reason why people would rather jailbreak their iOS 6.1 instead of rolling back to an earlier version mostly roots from practical reasons. Even though the latest iOS has fewer new features compared to Google's Jelly Bean Android update, it's still a sought-after update for those who want to ensure that their phone or tablet won't be outdated in the coming year or so.

·         It's Easy to Jailbreak the iOS 6.1: Thanks to programs like the Sap Shield (version 1.7), jailbreaking the iPhone and iPad has never been easier. This tool is available for download by the public through http://www.unlockorjailbreak.com. What's more, it's an untethered jailbreak, meaning it's capable of rebooting your device on its own, such that the jailbreak status would remain even after every reboot. It's also approved by the Hack the Box Conference.

·         Unlocking and Jailbreaking Your iOS 6.1 Device Simultaneously Is Now Possible: Instead of having separate programs do your unlocking (so that you can use different SIM providers instead of just one) and jailbreaking (so that you can download different apps, even those not approved by Apple) at the same time with just one program, specifically the Sap Shield 1.7. Thanks to the program, you can unlock or jailbreak your iOS 6.1 tablet or phone at the push of a button or a tap of the screen.

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