Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Innumerable Uses of Computers

It is unimaginable for any business, office or even homes not to have an electronic device that can do things faster and easier.  The use of computers has evolved from just word processing, internet, e-mail and video or audio composition. It has changed the way people communicate with the availability of chat, call and video software. With the non-stop development of computer programs and applications available today, there is no limit as to what computers can do for us.
Below are just some of the uses of computers in various setting and industry.
     Engineering – computer-aided design software has fast-tracked design creation and building of infrastructures.
         Medicine – computed photography and resonance imaging, distance something, patient data storage
       Banking and Finance- the entire financial industry rely mostly on computer programs, ATM machines, and money transfers.
     Travel and weather analysis – traveling has made more accessible and affordable because of online booking and ticker purchasing. Weather forecasts are more up to date because of advance programs that determine weather elements such as humidity and rainfall chances.
        Education – Literacy has become more accessible with through the use of computers distance learning programs and books made more light and handy with e-books.
     Business – Computer accounting, stock market software, online all employ software and application specifically created for the field.
        News and current events – The news at it happens can be viewed through the internet.
     Planning and scheduling – Done are the days when you need to look at wall calendars and clocks because calendars, alarms, reminders, calculators and converters are available in even in cellular phones.  
       Content Quality – Run plagiarism-check on articles or download certifications through the World Wide Web.
      Game and Leisure- gamble online, play with your cousin from another time zone, visit a friend’s virtual farm is are made possible with game software and applications.
        Communication – computers has revolutionized how and when we talk to people.
These uses provide us with more than enough assistance but as long as technology continues to evolve, the computer will be able to do more amazing things in the future. 

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