Friday, 14 December 2012

Debian Stable Operating System for Computers

It is true that no matter how we try not to experience computer problems, sometimes, these just happen and come uninvited. For people especially those of the old ones who still try to engage themselves on the advancement of technology, sometimes understanding it seem very hard for them. Just trying to learn about the basics, the only thing they knew is to indulge on some games, surfing information on the web, encoding letters and writing emails. 

When it comes to dealing with slow system processes, operating system issues, antivirus updates, and any other higher problems, these are already giving them too much headache. Practically, people with age are highly problematic solving these cases and when these issues happen, the only thing they’ll do is to leave it, making the computer literally unusable.
While others think of just buying another computer, expenses just seem to be overrated sometimes and generally impractical. Basically, there are still lots of ways to solving computer issues rather than purchasing a new one. One of the best solutions is to just change the operating system or the application of the computer. You can use Linux and you can also use debian Stable or Lenny. However, between the two, Lenny is the more advantage.
These are the advantages of using Lenny as the operating system on computers.
        There are only minimal updates.
Not like other operating systems, it only has little updates. Basically, updates only occur every other month and there is no need for any antivirus updates.
        It has long life span.
Lenny can be used for about 2 to 3 years.
        It does not requires newest hardware
It can still run smoothly even if you don’t install the latest hardware or software
        It is durable
For new users, sometimes, they mistakenly damage the OS. Too much clicking or downloading of apps may cause damage to OS, however, when it comes to Lenny, the code is highly protected. 

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