Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What an SEO Health Check Should Do

Did you hire an SEO company to help you with your websites search engine optimization? If so, then you know how expensive their services are. Although they include SEO management and troubleshooting, the cost of paying for their services could be way over the company budget, considering that SEO is a long term process that does not generate direct clients and profits. SEO is just a way to increase website exposure but it does not sell the products and services in the website. But SEO is actually essential because it exposes the website into a wider market and piques the interest of people who could be seeing your page whenever they use a certain keyword related to your site.

The use of SEO sounds like a great thing to get a company started and recognized in the internet but this is not a foolproof strategy either as some things could still get in the way of optimization or render the SEO fruitless. This is where an SEO health check comes in use. It works to generate a report from analyzing your website and its SEO strategy so you could determine if it is working and if there is something wrong. There are free SEO health check reports that could help you opt out from the expensive fees of SEO companies. However, you must first know what an SEO health check should do for your website.

  1. The health checker should do a keyword analysis and generate a report if the keywords you are using are still effective for your website and if it generates the optimization you need.
  2. It should facilitate a website or on page analysis to see if the website is search-friendly or if it has been indexed by search engines. This will also generate a duplicate content report wherein it would say which website contents are also being used by other websites and is affecting your search engine ranking.
  3. It should also have an off page analysis report. This contains any broken links that could be affecting the responses of the site visitors to your website.

With these three functions being covered by a free SEO health check, you can be sure that it is worth it.

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