Monday, 29 April 2013

IPhone 5 Precautions for Wallpapers

The internet gives net surfers plenty of opportunities to acquire information as well as share and get different things. But this powerful tool and virtual place also exposes us to harm and cyber criminals. see Nature wallpapers iPhone 5 These cyber criminals often aim to steal a person’s details in order to access the important aspects of their lives like bank accounts or savings accounts. Some cyber offenders even steal the identity of people and use their names to do bad things and hurt other people. 

One way that these people gather details regarding a person is through malware. When downloading wallpaper for iPhone 5, the hackers can easily lead you to unknowingly download the malware as well. Since iPhone 5 is one of the hottest and newest gadgets today, it could be the top target of cyber criminals. Malware includes harmful things for the iPhone such as adware, key loggers, Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, and root kits. These things can slow down the performance of the phone, destroy the saved data, or access important things like passwords. Malware is also aimed through PDAs and cell phones because these devices do not have security software.

·         The best way these malwares get into cellular phones is by tricking the users.
·          Touch screen phones like the iPhone 5 has high sensitivity and once you accidentally click a pop-up, the download could have been initiated already before you could cancel or close it.
·         Pop-ups also often appear as a form of advertisement that one could get attracted into clicking or looking. Clicking on these pop-ups could be the worst mistake.

You cannot limit your access to using the internet through your iPhone but you can do several things to avoid these pop-ups. Make sure you have a spam filter in your email account so you can check it safely on your phone. Also activate your firewall and pop-up blockers. You can also avoid these pop-ups by downloading wallpapers from legitimate websites.
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