Friday, 24 May 2013


Computers will have the tendency to slow down and decrease its performance speed through time. If yours begins to do the same, there is no need to panic and consider buying a new one right away. If you want to speed up Windows Vista operating system on your computer, you can follow these easy steps to improve your experience
1.       Remove spyware while protecting your computer from future attacks- Spyware and viruses not only compromise your computer’s efficiency but it can also threaten your data and even your most personal pieces of information. To avoid such dangers and speed up your computer at the same time, make sure that you have a reliable antispyware and antivirus program. Schedule a regular scan to make sure that your computer is well-maintained.

2.       Remove the start-up programs that are not needed- You might notice that your computer has begun to start-up longer than usual, and this is often caused by programs that are starting up along with your operating system. You might not need most, if not all of these programs to start up as well so you might as well disable that said feature to create a more efficient working environment.
3.       Disable enhancements- Windows Vista enhancements may be aesthetically pleasing but they may not always be needed especially when you want a faster working computer instead. They can slow down your computer because they also consume system resources. You can disable these enhancements through your computer’s Control Panel.
All these ways are very simple and easy to do on your own computer so there really is no excuse for you to not try them out. Before you go out and buy new hardware or seek some form of professional help, never hesitate to maintain and clean up your computer on your own first. That might just save you precious time and money as well.
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