Saturday, 19 January 2013

Where Can I Download Free Music to My Computer: Why Not Piracy When It Is Free

Gone are the days when cassettes of bootleg music line the shelves of teens around the world. The 90s version of downloading then was having the talent to hit the record and pause button at the right moment when the DJ stopped or started to speak. But now it is just as easy as finding the right sites and clicking on the download icon. Kids these days have it so much easier, but at what cost exactly? First, they are breaking copyright laws and committing piracy. While these offenses may not be taken seriously because have not really heard anyone cuffing and locking up teens who have been caught downloading mp3s, copyright infringement and piracy hurts the little people of the entertainment industry. No, we are not talking about the executives and the artists, but rather the common rank and file and utility staffs that get the sack and salary cuts due to budget cuts because god forbid these artists donot get their daily dose of bling.

So which sites do we need to avoid exactly?

·         File-sharing sites which are not licensed to carry copyrighted materials
·         Peer-to-peer networks that enable files on one’s computer to be accessed by many
·      File downloading sites that also post files free for download that may also carry unknown files and disguise them as music files

So where can i download free music to my computer ? The best sites to get your music from are from reputable sites that are licensed music distributors. These sites may charge a little something for the membership or on a per download basis but it is all for the good and you can even be guaranteed of the audio quality of your files. These sites offer the most secure downloads and protects you from infractions against copyright laws.

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