Monday, 21 January 2013

The Use of VGA to HDMI Converter

People who want to live stream using their TV may do so with the use of the appropriate converter. Usually, this converter can be used not just by people who want to watch their favourite TV shows online but also those who need to have their presentation shown on a wider screen like an HDTV. For this to happen though, a VGA to HDMI converter can be used. This device is the one responsible in converting one signal to the other. However, people need to remember that the conversion will not be possible with the use of a cable alone. A digital converter is necessary for these things to happen. There are various signals around.

Learn more about VGA and HDMI

 Usually, VGA output can be mostly seen on laptops and computers. This VGA output uses a video card. This is where the signal is being converted from VGA to HDMI which is a digital signal. As a result, the image from VGA can now be seen in the HDTV where it was connected. People need to remember though that VGA is only supported by video while an HDMI is supported by both audio and video. A converter can be used in a 720p to 1080p resolution. However, people need to be aware that this kind of device is not capable of enhancing a picture’s quality. It is merely used in projection.

Apart from the above mentioned things that need to be kept in mind, the difference between VGA and HDMI should be distinguished too. For VGA, it is only capable of giving out video, as compared to HDMI which can carry both video and audio. This is the reason why people would need to buy a separate cable for the audio in order for the thing to be included in the projection with the image. 

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