Friday, 22 February 2013

The Easiest Way to Transfer N8 Contacts to iPhone

Nokia and Apple are two of the most popular brands when it comes to cellular phones. These two brands have produced some of the best products in the cellular phone market today and they are still dominating the industry today. Nokia is regarded as the company which started the cellular phone revolution with its innovative designs and most advanced phones back in the nineties. On the other hand, it was Apple which changed the game for cellular phones with its advanced smartphone the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the most popular phones nowadays having sold millions of units all over the world. Meanwhile, Nokia's N series phones particularly the N has phone features that many customers are impressed with.

With the popularity of these two phones, it is not surprising to find out that some customers have both phones. When a customer purchases one phone after the other it is very important for the customer to have the same set of contacts for both phones. The logical way is to copy each Nokia n8 contacts to iphone. However that process could be time consuming. A better way is with the use of a computer and a transfer tool software which is available for download over the Internet. Below are the steps to do this.

How to transfer N8 contacts into the iPhone

-         First download and install the transfer software from the Internet. I can easily be found by using a search in Google or Yahoo. Most websites also offer it for free.

-         After the installation is complete, restart your computer. Make sure that both phones are also fully charge to avoid any problems. Once the power cycle is complete, plug both phones into the usb port of the computer.

-         After plugging, the computer will detect both phones. For the iPhone it is important that iTunes is installed in order for the computer to properly detect it. Run the transfer software and you should see icons for both phones on the software. Click on the transfer button in order to begin the transfer. Once the transfer has been completed properly eject both phones.

So there you have it the transfer process for contras from the Nokia N8 to the iPhone. This process should also work with other Nokia phones. 

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