Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bumpers, iPhone 4 & 4S covers

Phone cases are considered to be a necessary accessory nowadays for the phone. There are several reasons why mobile users consider cases to be a necessity in this modern time.

For protection against dust and scratches

Because we bring the phone with us most of the time, we tend to just carry it with us and it can be placed on many different surfaces. Without the cases, the phone is prone to scratches and damage. It can be placed on a surface where it can get wet and damaged because of dust and the irregular surface.

For protection against bumps and dents

Similarly with the aim to protect the phone against dust and scratches, the cases are also aimed at protecting the phone against possible dents and bumps. Because we carry the phone with us the whole time, we hold it in our hands and we tend to bump the phone with other objects. iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S cases aimed at protecting the phone from these accidents.

Bumpers are also known to protect the case against bumps, and its main protection is on the side of the phone. The sides of the phone are very prone to bumps especially the corners. Because of this, bumpers are created to protect the sides and the edges from accidental bumps of the phone against hard objects. When you bump the phone against a hard object, it would get dents on its corners or edges. However, the bumper would protect that from happening.

The good thing about bumpers is that it would keep the phone’s original shape and surface. It won’t have to cover all portions of the phone, but just the sides of the phone. One can opt to put a screen protector or screen guard on the front and back side to add protection on both faces.

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