Thursday, 21 February 2013

What You Can Get Out of the My1Login Software Password Manager

Regardless of your operating system or browser... or regardless if you're using a Mac or a PC... you should be able to use my1login because it doesn't need a browser plug-in or local client to work. It's one of the most universal password solutions out there, such that you'll never lose access to your myriad of accounts (and usernames and passwords) ever again thanks to how effectively the manages everything, from passwords to recommendations on improving password strength. What's more, you can use it to view social media accounts, email newsletters, and various news sites chronicling the latest messages and news around.

Dealing with Password Strength without Making It Too Strong

¾     If people had photographic or eidetic memory, then password management software wouldn't be needed. All they need to do is randomly type up a password, memorize it, and use it the next time they login to an account. The problem here is that most people don't have such memorization skills, such that having similar passwords to different sites but are slightly different can make it hard to logon (ditto vastly different passwords for a whole myriad of accounts).

¾     If you want to get a really random password, you can come up with something strong and hard to crack as hao29834fjkl instead of just harold23. With that said, therein lies the problem. Sure, you have a password that's hard for even hackers to bruteforce their way into (it will probably take years to get to that combination), but it comes at the cost of you having a password that you will never remember, no matter how hard you try. It's too random.

¾     Getting a random password is tricky because you also want to be able to remember it; if it were generated by a random number generator, sites usually give you the option to change it so that you can end up with a password you can actually retrieve from your memory. With that said, a password manager like my1login can help out in producing on-demand strong passwords without you losing access to your account.

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