Sunday, 3 March 2013

Free Online Proxy Proliferates the Net

Ways to get anonymous gets even easier

In an era where people are learning more than just the basics of internet, a lot of people have gone searching for ways to get away with hassle and restrictions. People make ways to get themselves away from being barred online. But for businesses or schools for example, their ISPs are practicing online barring – the way to make websites inaccessible to employees - which is deemed essential too.  This is to avoid the institution from being hacked, to “open gates for information leakage” or to simply ensure that employees are doing “what they are ought to do” and not just swim in a pool of social networks.

However, there already simple and, most importantly, FREE ways to get unbarred by your local ISPs. Best thing is, you are freed from the detriment of being information-hacked. You can use online proxy available all over the internet these days.

Online proxy is a term used for sites that act as “middlemen” between the website and the browser. Though there are proxies that are bought online, there are some that can be freely used. They are called online proxy sites. What you only need is your personal computer and a browser.

With this, you are able to ensure your safe online, and most importantly, be able to access the site restricted by the IP Address you use. These websites provide you anonymity online – no trace of which IP address you currently use since you are hidden.

Top proxy server available are as follows: MyAddr, RX Proxy, and Anonymouse. These sites will hide your identity and you can get it for free!

These online proxies are now available in a click. Some proxies are bought, but these proxies are all free and make your safe-surfing easy!

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