Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Release of the White iPhone 6

The 5th generation phone of apple is banging the market with numerous rumours. Everyone is making their statement regarding the technology, capacity, battery, storage memory. The iphone 6 rumors about the launch date too are in the air these days. Some expects the launch till October 2013 while some are claiming it to be till June 2014. The biggest confusion is on the name whether it would be I 5S or I phone 6.  

The news is that this series will have maximum in built memory of 128 gb , no I phone in previous series had so  much of internal memory. The size colour everything is speculated. Some suggest that the delay in launch is made because of launch of Galaxy 4S. The estimated assumption made in recent times is that the shares of Apple have recently seen a fall so may be Apple is taking time to launch the next series of I phone. The expectation of customers is eyeing for the launch of two phones of Apple but with better iOS system. With more crucified features customers are waiting for next I phone.

Whatever the rumours are to be very true in stating, apple phones stay class apart and this is the reason there popularity is different across the world. And, with every launch the sales increases. Any kind of official announcement is not made yet by Apple but rumours are on heights.
The key features in phone like screen and size of phone too is speculated.  The screen size as per the rumours stays would be 4.8 inch, and with better sensors and touch system.
The best which was to come is about the model and design. Slight variations in models will be made as per the rumours say as same models would bore the customers so changes are expected in model.Visit here to find official website

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