Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Zipbar That People Know

Zipbar has been buzzing the industry for quite some time now and for those who doesn’t know, it has been founded by Zhev Liberson at the year of 2009. It was first identified by Liberson because of the mere thought of having the need to have a transportable and a durable bar system for events such as birthday parties, leisure, business parties, etc. It has been one of his major goals to uphold something that will be of use to other people and can still bring about the professional look in it. Because Zhev Liberson has already the experience when it comes to stainless steel and its manufacturing, he then came up and developed a mobile bar system which can withstand any demands from customers and well fitted to the society we have now that is constantly changing and evolving.

It was first launched at a Glastonbury Music Festival and was widely accepted by the audience that they have there and that is when Zhev decided to invest more into the product that he produced and launch it nationwide. From then on, the has been one of the astounding products in the market today that offers high quality standardized products to people with the set of committed and hard working teams to help meet the necessities that should be brought about upon designing. 4 years have just passed, but it is still growing and to a business that started just small, it is one proof that any business in fact can transform into something bigger. The products have been growing more and more from that day forward.

With the wide range of expertise as well as the company’s good reputation, ZipBar gives people the guarantee that they will provide the best service they can offer and will provide the best customer service care people needs. 

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