Thursday, 6 June 2013

pst repair

Microsoft Outlook has an Outlook Person Folder that has .pst repair files.  The files can have some issues or can go wrong while saving files for that file extension.  The problem actually lies on the size of the file.  Pst and ost have a maximum limit of 2 gigabytes file size.  Therefore a file that has been saved exceeds 2 Gigabytes it cannot be opened and an error will show.

Support from Microsoft says that the usual the Inbox Repair Tool, Scanpst.exe, will not resolve the issue.  The only resolution to this is to download the tool from the URL at the support page of Microsoft.  This tool is specific to fix problems with pst and ost files.  Support has a different story for pst file problems only.

Resolution for pst files only

The Inbox Repair tool can be found at the "Fix it for me" section of Microsoft Word.  There is also an option to fix it on your own at the "Let me fix it myself" section.  The best thing to do is first try the “fix it for me”.  If it does not work then try next the “let me fix it myself”.

To do the fix it for me, find and run the inbox repair tool then click the fix it button. That should be followed by clicking “Run” in the file download box then follow the steps in the wizard. For Microsoft Outlook 2013 fix this problem, the Microsoft fix for it has this 20101as a code.  Others such as Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 or 2000,  the code indicated is 50569 for fix it for me.

Fix it yourself

The process for “Let me fix it myself” it will take longer and will require some knowledge on how to know and recognize the files that need to be searched.  It can happen that several files will have similar names.  The first file to be searched will be scanpst.exe.  Note that this has an .exe file extension that will open the inbox repair tool.  From here the recovery of the files can be done through another quite lengthy process again.

See here to know more about this 


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