Friday, 28 June 2013

Various Types of Electrical Testing Equipment

Minor electrical repairs are sometimes inevitable specially if you own a place by yourself or you are trying to save some money in order to use it for something else. Calling an electric repairman may cost a lot of money and it is always best to do things by yourself if you can. However, it is important to put safety first in doing these things. It is no joke to deal with electrical connections and other electrical devices. Mistakes can prove to be very costly and dangerous. You can easily injure yourself and others or cause damage to your property if you commit a mistake. This is why it is important to have the right equipment in doing these electrical works and repair. One important tool to have is an . There are several types of test equipment for electrical jobs. Here are some of them.


The ammeter is a very important device since it measures the amperage of a particular device or connection. It has two separate leads that you would touch on separate points of the connection in order to take a reading. There are several brands of ammeter in the market but good ones can take measurements ranging from a milliamp up to10 amperes. There are also digital types which are more accurate and a lot better than the manual types.


The voltmeter is similar in appearance with the ammeter but it measures voltage instead. It also has two separate leads which you use the same way with an ammeter. There are also digital versions which can be bought at a very cheap price making them more practical to use. There are also multimeters that combines a voltmeter and ammeter.

Continuity tester

If you wish to check if current flows from one point to the next then a continuity tester is what you would use. Simply touch one end of the tester to one point and the other end to the other point to find out if the current flows. It often produces a beeping sound or a light if there is current flowing.Click here to know more about it

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