Friday, 28 June 2013

What Makes Horizontal Mount PDU from IPowerTech Useful

Rack mounting
A standardized enclosure which lets mounting of multiple equipment modules are what makes up a rack mounting. They are ordinarily called 19inch rack and are standardized in form which means it could not go beyond the pitching horizontal size rack space that a standard equipment module should have. The front is 19 inches wide and shows the front panel with protruding devices on the side to allow easy fastening of the module to the rack frame. It is occasionally called shelf storing or rack mount chassis and the standard height usually measures up to 42U tall to accommodate the usual industry rack. 

Uses and applications
The rack mounting system is used in railroad systems in the previous years before it emergence to house various types of gadgets and electronic devices. Nowadays, it is used in most telecommunication, audio and video, entertainment and computing industries. The hole in the middle is a legacy of the ILEC/CLEC facilities which brought the standard to the mount. Stacking two or four of them are usually done in the corporations which require server rooms and use it to house modern data centers or ISP. For most studios, audio and video devices and amplifiers are mounted on this rack, while most industry used it for industrial power and automation.
Rack mounted products available
There are a lot of rack mounted devices offered in the market as the need for more high powered devices are increasing. IPowerTech is one of the companies which are recently offering Horizontal mount PDUs with the aim to make every plug outlet of devices to be safe and all stacked in the same rack mount as the device is mounted. Making plug outlets in one location can make it easier for server rooms to manage all the plugs and sockets for an orderly server room and device handling.For more details, go here

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